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Overpassing ayo to Lesum

During the weekend a lot has happened. On saturday morning we got up at 04:45 and picked up Ulrike at home at 05:30. Together we drove to Delmenhorst and picked up Hartmut. All four of us then drove to Hooksiel to bring ayo to Bremen with a overnight stop in Bremerhaven.

Fred was always in the front row

We arrived in Hooksiel with a fresh cup of coffee from the bakery around the corner at about 07:30. We unloaded our car and made ayo ready for our trip.

ayo at Hooksiel at it’s old mooring

After filling up our diesel with an additional fourty litres we decided to rush to the Hooksiel floodgate one hour earlier as planed. We arrived at the floodgate at nine o’clock and had to pay the fee at the harbour master in advance.

After we left the floodgate we directly set course to the Weser. Therefore we hat to go up the Jade and then turn into the Weser. Unfortunately we hat to rush a bit to catch a little bit of tide flow and were not able to sail.

Heading towards Bremerhaven

As we arrived in Bremerhaven, we decided to keep on driving up the Weser and not to stop. This meant that we will arrive late at night. This seemed no problem since we have a great map with a radar. This way we were able to see everything on the map as we were heading towards Bremen.

After a couple of hours we arrived at Vegesack. As we drove close by the Lürssen dock John took a picture of us on ayo during the night.

ayo at night

Soon we drove into the Lesum and had to struggle with the low tide. In between we had 0,1 m water on the depth Meter 😮 But we made it through the floodgate and arrived happy at the boatyard Reiners at 22:30.

ayo Save at the pier

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