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Ship Transfer in planing

After wiring the agreed purchasing price on monday, we are now planing the ship transfer from Hooksiel to Bremen. For the transfer my colleague Hartmut is joining us. Hartmut is an expirienced sailor and I made my shipping/radio license according to his teaching.

On Saturday the 31th of october we are starting in Hooksiel at about 09:30 am. At 10 o’clock we are planing to pass the lock Hooksiel and sail upwards the “Jade” and turn into the Weser at “Mittelplate”.

After about 7-8 hours we are planing to arrive in Bremerhaven. Which of the many marinas we will head for is not sure yet. for sure is, that we want to get a dinner all together in Bremerhaven.

The weather forcast for the weekend is promising. On Saturday with 18-21kts S and on sunday a fresh 29-35kts S. Since we are heading south, we probaply will be able to sail during saturday and have to race up the Weser on sunday.

On Sunday the 1st of November we will start early at 08:00 am in Bremerhaven so we will use the rising tide to race to Bremen-Lesum.

After about 5-6 hours we should arrive in Bremen Lesum and have to pass the barrage Lesum and arrive at the Reiners shipyard. At the Reiners shipyard we will be safetly retrieved within the next weeks.

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