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An idea was born!

On August, we chartered a Hanse 325 and did some sailing on the Baltic Sea, actually the bay of the danish south seas. For me, it was the first time being, I mean living on a boat. Instantly I felt in love with almost everything! The boat bathroom needs some getting used to it 😉 but I got reimbursed by the beautiful view, sky, water and especially the way I felt being on the Sea.

After coming back I started to imagine having a ship. To be quite honest, it never felt strange or crazy. It was more a decision. And after figuring out how to finance all of that, Philip and I started to search. What do we want? Which model fits our needs? 30, 35 or 40ft? We got many questions! Luckily we got our answers with some help from our family, our friends and some new and pretty old books!

And suddenly everything just fall in place! We found her (right from the beginning I was sure it’s a HER). Now, only three months later we are owners of a sailing yacht.

That’s pretty amazing! 🙂

Just a small selection of our research

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